Times After Dusk has technically existed since 2004 when founding members began playing and writing music together and the start of a unique sound began to build through the group’s early singles – some of which topped local-Columbus playlists and may still occasionally be heard in the band’s live set-lists in rewritten form. But Times After Dusk didn’t fully develop into the solid working band it is today until early-2010 when Brett's brother K.C. joined the band to round out the layers missing from the group’s sound. It was at this time that Times After Dusk dived deep into developing a new direction for its music, resulting in the writing and completion of the band’s first full-length album – The Words We Say (release date: June 2012).

A small flower shop in Lithopolis, Ohio served as the perfect sanctuary for writing the band’s debut album. Spending most of 2010 writing and perfecting 12 news songs (plus a special bonus track) that transcend the experiences and inspirations that have influenced their lives, the band headed into the studio at Fishtank Audio with Jack Campitelli in 2011. Following tracking of all 12 songs, the band mixed and self-produced the entire album in order to maintain its raw esthetic. Finally, in early-2012, the final mix was sent over to Chris Graham for final mastering resulting in a debut album we couldn’t be more proud of.

Born from a rustic sentimentalism, these songs reflect on the emotions that guide and define the process of coming of age. Simple melodies and delicate arrangements provide a medium for the lyrics to cut through; these are thinking songs, initiated by the passion to discern between the cynicism of life and the itch of healing scars that speak of the burns and cuts we earned when we were having the best times or worst times of our lives. As indicated by its title, the band’s first album truly reflects life through "The Words We Say".

Extra Factoids

Ryan was a part of a Grammy nominated group during his time at Capital University – that's pretty impressive. And, Roy was one of the original members of ZAO. From MTV.com, "Their [ZAO’s] live performances are nearly a thing of legend in the underground, and the band's lack of apprehension about straying from proven formulas, genre restrictions, and labels of any kind is astounding."

The New Album is Live

Thank you all for the support and waiting patiently as we finished this album. It’s been a total blast and we are absolutely pleased with the way the final product turned out. It’s streaming now and available for purchase on our BandCamp site.

Off to Mastering

We are sending the files off to Chris Graham here in Columbus for mastering next week. We had the opportunity to use another well known mastering engineer who has worked with major label artists (Death Cab in fact – one of our favorites). However, we wanted to keep it in Columbus and work with Chris.

Almost finished

We didn’t make the 12/31/2011 deadline but we made darn good progress. All of the drums are finished, my vocals are done, the guitars are pretty much done. We just need to mix and polish and then it’s off to the mastering house.


Typical Night in the Studio

One of my friends was over recently and he snapped a shot of me working.

This is what I look like for hours at a time in the evenings.

Half Finished

I took an objective look at our recording status and it looks like we’re about halfway finished. We still need to build out a few of the songs to see where they want to go but more than half of the tracking is complete. Brett and KC still need to add their parts and most of the songs need final vocals but we’re getting there! My original goal was to complete this by 12/31/2011 but I think a more realistic goal is March of 2012. Ryan will be done with school then and that will give us some time to play some shows to promote the new album.

Drums Are Done

We went into FishTank Audio studio with Jack Campitelli last weekend and recorded all of the drums for our upcoming release. Jack gave us Friday night for free as set up time and Ryan nailed all of his parts the next day. It was a long day but it was a ton of fun.

The drums sound fantastic. I am not surprised; Jack is brilliant and his studio sounds so good.

We’ve rewritten some older material and generated a bunch of fresh new songs. We’re really excited to move forward with the recording after all these years. We’ll be tracking the guitars and bass next. More to come then.

In The Studio

Well, it’s finally time. Two of us have decent amateur studio rigs and we’re committing to moving forward with the record. We’ve put this off for a while, but it looks like it’s going to happen now.

We have as many as 13 tracks, possibly more that may be included in this year’s release. Our intent is to finish the recording, master it, produce the necessary artwork, and release it for free as a digital download from this website to everyone who registers here. We’ll keep you posted on the particulars.

On Hiatus

So we were on a bit of a hiatus due to several reasons. Brett and Roy graduated from college recently and Ryan not only finished school but was also on the receiving end of planning a wedding. Brett and KC got married as well, so we’re all officially working young professional couples.

We’re currently recording material for the first time as a full band and anticipate a release in the Fall of this year. Some of the drum tracks are down and we’re slowly adding the guitars and vocals. Though our style has changed significantly since the release of Like a Moth to the Flame (2006), the songs are now much more driving. As we hoped, the newer material is more insightful and powerful than ever.

Information about shows here. What to expect, how to get tickets.


Currently booking shows

Please drop us a line. Tell us if you like our music, ask us a question, invite us to play a show or just chat.